Wyoming adds another first - now the first to go Google
Hello from the great State of Wyoming. We have some exciting news: our entire state government has gone Google. Wyoming is the first state in the country to make this transition. 
I am extremely proud to say that we are early adopters and this continues a long tradition of Wyoming firsts -- where Wyoming leads the way. Read more.

More and more government agencies going Google
In the past few months, dozens of government agencies representing tens of thousands of public sector employees have made the switch to Google Apps for Government to improve employee productivity while saving critical budget dollars. Today, at Google’s “Innovation for the Nation,” a gathering of over 100 government IT leaders in Washington D.C., we announced these six government agencies across the country. Read more.

Multnomah County saves $100K+ per year with Google Apps
This morning, Multnomah County completed the transition of most county employees to Google Apps for Government. In Oregon, local governments like Multnomah County have faced difficult budget circumstances and diminishing resources for many years, while experiencing growing demand for services. In order to effectively continue providing needed services in our community, it’s critical that we seek ways to become ever more innovative and efficient. Read more.

Supporting the US Navy's humanitarian mission with Google Apps
The United States Navy’s Maritime Domain Awareness program focuses on improving maritime security around the world. As part of this initiative, the U.S. collaborates with international governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to increase maritime security capabilities in different regions in order to prevent threats like piracy and terrorism, as well as to respond to natural disasters.  Read more

Berkeley Lab is going Google
Berkeley Lab is in the midst of the first production rollout of Google Apps in the Department of Energy. The Lab has moved over 4,000 people to the Google Mail service to date and an expected total of 5,000 accounts by the end of summer 2010. We have already rolled out Google Docs and Google Sites Lab-wide to improve collaboration capabilities for our staff. A transition to Google Calendar is planned in the coming months, as well.  Read more or watch the video to the right.

Orlando goes Google for cheaper e-mail

Orlando City Hall is gaga over Google.In a multimillion-dollar move being watched by government agencies across the country, Orlando this week became one of the first cities in America to switch all of its employees to Google e-mail.The implications are vastly bigger than simply changing the icon that Orlando workers click on their computer desktops.
For city officials, it means cutting annual e-mail costs by two-thirds, saving taxpayers an estimated $262,500 a year.  Read more