Reliable, secure online applications wherever you work.

Google Apps helps government agencies to reduce IT costs with web-based office applications that empower your employees to do more for less. Built on familiar, easy-to-use interfaces such as Gmail, Google Apps eases rapid user adoption. Google Apps is a proven, enterprise-ready solution, used by more than 3 million organizations and with thousands more signing up each day.

Google Apps provides you with many benefits, including:

A Pure & Proven Cloud System

100% browser based applications enable government to access the latest innovation from Google, such as new features and powerful enhancements. Google data centers are engineered by leading security experts & FISMA certified. With best-in-class disaster recovery at no extra cost. Google Apps offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and no scheduled downtime ever.

Make Employees Productive Anytime, Anywhere

Employees can access email and documents from any place with Internet, making them more productive when they are away from their desks. Mobile access for a wide range of devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android devices, is included at no additional cost.

Promote Better Teamwork

Enables real-time team collaboration on the same document, spreadsheet, or presentation. No more need to email attachments back and forth. Voice & video chat allow immediate interaction with colleagues when necessary. Even collaborate with people outside of your agency’s firewall at no additional cost.

Simple & Affordable

Google Apps has a straightforward licensing structure - $50 per user per year. It minimizes the need for hardware and software and the required administration and upgrades. With Google Apps, updates and security patches are automatically installed, allowing your IT resources to focus on more mission critical priorities.