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County Government

Counties across America, large and small, are making the switch to Google Apps. Here are some of their stories:

Multnomah County, Oregon
In 2010, Multnomah County completed the transition to Google Apps for Government. Local governments like Multnomah County have faced difficult budget circumstances and diminishing resources for many years, while experiencing growing demand for services. In order to effectively continue providing needed services in the community, it’s critical that the county seek ways to become ever more innovative and efficient. Learn more.

Larimer County, Colorado
Larimer County government switched all its employees to Google Apps over the July 4th weekend in 2010. With this “big bang” approach, it took just three days to migrate 1,800 employees and over four million email messages to Google’s web-based email and collaboration applications. As a result of this rapid switch, the county saved implementation costs, improved mobile access to information, and provided employees with new and innovative applications to help do their jobs. Learn more.

Macomb County Circuit Court and Clerk
308 county court users recently joined 68 clerk staff on Google Apps for Government. Google Apps provides a way for judges and staff to access information anytime, anywhere and find things fast, while keeping costs down. Google lets employees do more, despite budget cuts. Learn more

Rockingham County, North Carolina
Rockingham County’s IT department had the tough job of maintaining a legacy email system with three different client applications for 500 county employees who had no simple way to collaborate with one another. With Google Apps for Government, employees from different departments -- from Emergency Services to Finance -- can share documents and calendars, video chat, and create intranet pages that all county employees can access. The IT department’s burden of supporting a legacy email system is gone, replaced by an easy-to-maintain solution that requires fewer resources.

Washington County, New York
The county's previous email system had limited storage so employees spent hours cleaning their inbox to avoid being locked out of email entirely. The county switched to Google Apps for Government and now 420 county employees can rely on Google’s data centers to keep email running smoothly. Google provides 25GB of email storage per person and 
guarantees 99.9% uptime with no planned downtime, meaning county employees always can access their email.

Amador County, California
By switching to Google Apps, the County estimates it has saved $20,000 annually versus the previous email solution. Google’s collaboration tools also give the County’s 400 employees a simple way to share files for projects, streamline scheduling meetings, and create websites. All of these reduce demand on IT support staff, and save the County the billable IT expense.

Read more about the experience of Amador, Larimer & Multnomah Counties moving to Google Apps in this case study from Government Technology magazine.

Multnomah County's story