Q. If a government agency uses a Google-powered e-mail system, will they have to change their e-mail addresses?

A. No. Agencies will continue to use their current government e-mail addresses and their existing domain names.

Q. How much money can a government agency save if it shifted to a Google-powered system?

A. By switching to Google, you could save 50 percent of your current expenses in most cases. When you factor in the total cost of owning & maintaining your existing systems, it may be as much as a 70 percent cut in cost. By giving government agencies applications from one of the largest, most sophisticated IT departments in the world – Google – this decision helps you get the most out of your agency’s IT budget.

Q. Do you have any specific examples to show that?

A. Yes. In Los Angeles, moving to Google freed up nearly 100 servers that were used for their existing e-mail system. The City of Los Angeles projects a savings of $5.5 million over the next five years. In Orlando, the City’s Chief Information Officer estimated that switching to Google is delivering more than 60 percent in savings.

Q. Would there be any loss of online security by using a Google-powered e-mail system as opposed to a system that is run right out of a government agency?

A. Not at all. The security of data on Google servers would be equivalent or better to what most agencies have today. Google has designed its applications to provide customers with a secure and reliable platform for your data, bringing you the latest technologies and some of the best practices in the industry for data-center management, network application security, and data integrity. All of this security is included with the Google applications at no additional cost.

Q. How does a Google e-mail system improve office productivity and efficiency?

A. The improved collaboration offered by Google allows multiple people – even multiple departments – to work together. With easier remote access, employees will be able to access their information from any computer with an Internet connection, as well as from their mobile phones. And the expanded storage capabilities of Google give employees 25GB of storage, substantially more than they have today, saving them from having to make difficult decisions about which e-mail to keep or delete.

Q. Who owns the data that organizations put into Google’s systems?

A. Each agency owns its own data, not Google. Furthermore, if you ever decide to stop using Google services, Google makes it easy for you to take your data with you.