What voters say about cutting government cost and improving efficiency…


92% believe “government agencies should make better use of new technologies to cut costs and improve efficiency.”

78% are more likely to vote for a candidate for local or state office with specific ideas to “cut government overhead and improve productivity of government employees.”

75% of voters believe “quicker and more efficient e-mail systems” government employees more productive.

72% When told that the “City of Los Angeles contracted out the hosting and management of its e-mail system to Google, and was able to improve services
and save over a million dollars a year as a result,” 72% of voters said they want their state and local governments to seriously consider doing the same with their e-mail systems.

70% believe it would be a good idea to use “the computer power and expertise of private companies to improve information technology departments in government agencies.”

66% believe state and local governments should solve their own budget problems and only 22% support greater federal aid.

* The poll was conducted by the non-partisan Clarus Research Group March 14-17, 2010 based on a representative, nationwide sample of 1,000 voters and using live telephone interviews. Margin of error +/- 3.1 percent.